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That Week When You’re Still Basking in the Glow of the Holidays and Prepping for New Year Resolutions

Happy Holidays

Yes, it’s that time again, and even though I failed miserably at keeping last year’s resolutions, especially some of the goals pertaining to this site and writing regularly, I’m excited to renew again and have some new goals for the start of the new year. Hey, I did take a boat ride in 2016, and …

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Enjoying Solitude and How I Avoid Boredom

Andrei Tarkovsky

Few things bother me as much as the thought that I’m wasting time or losing interest, which is probably why I thought to write this post during my fall break from work, because I have all of this time and want to make the most of it.  I’ve been spending time with my daughter and …

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Blending Fragrance Chords

Apple of My Eye Perfume from White Fox Bath & Body

I’ve played music for thirty years now, which is why I love thinking of blending fragrances in musical terms. Just like in music, fragrances have notes that range from high to low, and creating a balanced fragrance chord is a great way to achieve a complex, interesting blend. This weekend I made a perfume which I dedicated …

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My Goodie Box of Fragrances Came In!

Fragrances rs

I’m so excited because I got a goodie box of new fragrances in!  I am trying out some new fragrances that I haven’t used in my bath & body products before, including the smooth and mysterious ylang ylang, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I have always loved ylang ylang mixes, …

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Introducing White Fox Bath & Body!

Mint Mojito Soap

One of my favorite hobbies is mixing fragrances and making bath & body products with them.  This could be attributed to the fact that my mom was a huge scented candle fan and I have been one my whole life, too! A few years ago I had a candle shop, but closed it due to …

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A Welcome Letter

Halloween Felt Craft Supplies

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m the founder and editor of Uteki, as well as a contributor.  I have been a web designer and blogger for thirteen years, and over the years I discovered that I had many, many interests! I was interested in creating a magazine-style site that helped people find inspiration in …

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