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Jan 08

Tiki Love


As a fan of tiki culture, one of my favorite places to blog for on this site is the Tiki Room.  I even designed the theme for it, though it’s a bit outdated now and I just don’t have time to update it. However back in the day I created many WordPress Themes, including the …

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Jan 03

A Wonderful End to the Holidays

Ray Harrell Nature Park

Yes, I consider today to be the end of the holidays.  They were great while they lasted, and I had a very nice last day taking another long nature walk and hanging out with my daughter and her very sweet boyfriend.  (Though I refrain from posting too many family pictures for the sake of privacy.) …

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Jan 02

New Year Highlights

Ray Harrell Nature Park

Highlight of New Year’s Eve: hosting a super fun party for the kids. Highlight of New Year’s Day: starting the morning with a nature walk. And completing all of my hopes for day one. I also started my perfume product line today and added a new Black Raspberry Vanilla perfume to my shop!

Jan 01

Farewell 2016, Welcome 2017!


2016 was a year of lots of love… …and adventures. Now it is time to refresh and renew, and even if I don’t accomplish all of my goals, I always feel invigorated just basking in the glow of a time set aside for renewal. This year is going to be the year of re-shaping things …

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Oct 22

Enjoying Solitude and How I Avoid Boredom

Andrei Tarkovsky

Few things bother me as much as the thought that I’m wasting time or losing interest, which is probably why I thought to write this post during my fall break from work, because I have all of this time and want to make the most of it.  I’ve been spending time with my daughter and …

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Sep 03

Hello Earthquake

Coco was chill during the earthquake

When I woke up this morning to a thump and then noticed that my bed was moving.  At first I couldn’t tell if an airplane was flying really low over the house or if a train was barreling by. Then I could hear items rattling all around the house. Once I came to my senses …

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Jul 18

At Home Sick with Netflix

RIP - Alan Vega passed away in his sleep over the weekend

My cold has worsened so I am taking a sick day.  My plans are as follows: Binge watch “Stranger Things” on Netflix because I started the show last night and am totally down with it Not shower Roll around in blankets on the couch Maybe eat some fruit Listen to old Weezer albums to relive …

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