Jan 08

Tiki Love

vintage-hawaiian-postcardAs a fan of tiki culture, one of my favorite places to blog for on this site is the Tiki Room.  I even designed the theme for it, though it’s a bit outdated now and I just don’t have time to update it. However back in the day I created many WordPress Themes, including the tiki one, for other site owners to use, and I even have a few themes on the WordPress site from then.

We had a chilly weekend at home, so I did some needed post-NYE house cleaning while relaxing to my new tiki mix, which I spent the last week putting together (yes, it takes about a week of serious searching for each mix I make!) and I have just added it to the Tiki Room.  There are a few different genres of tiki music, but for this one I focused on exotica lounge tiki music because I find it to be the most relaxing, and it’s actually my favorite kind of tiki/lounge music to listen to.

You can find the Tiki Pleasures mix here.

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